Memento Mori
Memento Mori
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These works are selected from my “Memento Mori” series. This series is loosely themed on the Dance of Death motif (French: Danse Macabre; German: Totentanz ) which originated in Europe as early as the fifteenth century. Works of this genera depicted scenes of human mortality reminding the viewer of the omnipresence and universality of death. The goal was never to exalt death itself but rather to embrace the reality of our inevitable outcome and live life to the fullest.

Some of the work presented on this site are available for purchase. Inquiries are welcome.

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    "Le Cure"   "I'll Be My Own Ruin"   "Death Puppet for John Donne"
  "Self Portrait of an Artist"   "Memento Mori"   "The Burning"   "The Prophet"  

    "Death Puppet"   "Enigma"   "Monolithia"  


      "Joshua Tree"   "Poet Hand"  

"R. Mapplethorpe's Arm "

        "The Tower"   "S. Plath Hand "  
    "Poet Head "   "Poet Head "   "All the King's Men "