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  Paris Alexander carving "Jacob's Ladder" for the Duke University School of Law, Durham, NC

Paris Alexander

Paris Alexander’s work has been exhibited widely including galleries, universities, and museums, with numerous public and private commissions. His work is included in the collection of Wake Med, Duke University,UNC Chapel Hill, Saks Fifth Avenue, the R.C. Kessler Collection, SAS Institute, former president Bill Clinton, Senator Bob Dole, former Govenor/ Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, and many others. Paris's works can be found across the U.S., Canada, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Japan.

Paris is also a well-known instructor in sculpture, drawing, and anatomy. Besides teaching privately, he has been an instructor for several NC Arts councils, The Lucy Daniels Center, the Artspace Arts and Outreach Programs, and the NC Museum of Art Outreach Program.

"Paris uses the human form as his subject, frequently in carved stone, but also in clay and hard plaster. He expresses himself equally well in all these materials. In fact these varied elements contribute to the power of his art."

-Dr. Lawrence J. Wheeler,
the Director of the North Carolina
Museum or Art


“ Though creating artwork with stone is a drastically labor intensive task, Paris Alexander is able to produce unique and beautiful forms with a classical and exuberant essence.”

- Tom Grubb,
Executive Director of the Fayetteville
Museum of Art


“ A self-taught artist with drive and ambition, Alexander repeatedly proves that a self-taught artist with natural talent can trump most MFA students without even breaking a sweat. “

-Louis St. Lewis, artist-writer,provocateur, Metro Magazine, Artist–at-Large


“Paris Alexander's carved stone sculpture pare sculpture down to it's essential forms, resulting in abstract and iconic forms. “

-Linda Johnson Dougherty,
Chief Curator & Curator of Contemporary Art of the North Carolina Museum of Art



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Paris Alexander is in Walter Magazine 's Artist Spotlight Feature as part of Paris' paticipation with Artspace's Mystery Build: From Start to Art: Paris Alexander shows us how its done

Photos by Mark Petko

Paris artwork will be shown on April 5 at Artspace as part of April’s First Friday gallery walk. It will be auctioned online on Ebay on that date. For more information, go to: